One on One Training

We offer one on one training with customized fitness programs.

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PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

PNF is a facilitated stretching that helps develop muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. In addition it helps with joint stability, mobility and motor control. All the elements of a healthy functional body.

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Small Group Training

Join a small group for a lower cost fitness program and still achieve your health and fitness goals!

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Pre & Post-Surgical Training

We have extensive experience working with clients to both prepare them for surgeries and also for post surgical recovery. Just a few of the surgeries we've worked with are knee and hip replacements, back surgeries, knee, hip, and shoulder fusions and various other orthopedic surgeries.

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Training for Seniors

We have years of experience in senior fitness training. Through extensive education and experience we've safely worked with clients all the way up to 101 years young!

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Personal Fitness Program Design

Let us develop a personalized fitness program for you that addresses your health concerns.

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