Through the advancement of modern technology and the sharp rise of desk jobs, we have slowly sacrificed our health for the sake of convenience and corporate America. It is no wonder that the medical field has coined a new term, the sitting disease, that is responsible for the death of more Americans than anything else according to the CDC. The sitting disease itself is the primary disease process, which gives way to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, circulatory diseases and on and on it goes. The first function that we lose, as part of the sitting disease, is the ability for our muscles to function correctly. Our posture goes, backs, necks, and knees hurt and stiffen, carpal tunnel syndrome develops, etc.  As the amount of time sitting increases, functional movement decreases limiting an individual in all areas of life such as getting around the house, reaching for items that are on high shelving, playing with kids and grandkids, walking the dog and the list goes on.

            You do not have to give in to the sitting disease! Sure you have a desk job, have kids to shuttle to and from school, to after-school activities and at the end of the day you just want to sit and watch a show or read a book.  A simple 20 minutes or exercise and stretching a day will not give you a Hollywood body but it will slow or even prevent the onset of the sitting disease and all the secondary diseases that it implies.  If you are looking to relieve pain, regain functional movement and prevent the onset of the sitting disease it may be prudent to also look into finding a provider for PNF.  I have seen PNF reduce pain, improve quality of sleep, regain functional movement, such as the ability to walk without a walker or cane in clients as young as 93 years old! Check back soon to see what PNF has done for some of my clients!

Yours in better health,

Katie Stumbo