Weight loss heart rate zone vs. cardio heart rate zone.

When you step onto a piece of cardio equipment and look at the console it is easy to get confused about how hard you are supposed to push yourself. Am I supposed to be in the weight loss zone or the cardio zone?

I am going to try to answer this question with a little math to make it as clear as possible. If you work in the weight loss or “fat burning” zone you are working out at a lower intensity and heart rate and the math goes like this… when you workout at the fat burning zone you burn about 100 calories for a 30 minutes workout, 80 % of those calories are fat calories. So you are looking at 80 calories from fat.

Now if you workout for 30 minutes at the cardio zone your burn about 300 calories. Now only about 30-35% of those calories will be fat calories, however, 30-35% of 300 is about 100 calories from fat. The clear winner mathematically is the cardio zone. To burn even more overall and thus fat calories always opt for a variable speed/intensity workout!

Yours in better health,

Katie Stumbo