Summer Safety!
The summer months are upon us and with that comes certain challenges. The heat, dry air, allergies, and monsoons can make for a very interesting few months if you prefer to take your workouts outside. I would advise extreme caution as you venture out with the rattlesnakes and high UV index.

With temperatures likely spiking above 100 degrees this month it’s time to get smarter about our outdoor time. No one is immune to the ravages of the Arizona summer. As an Arizona native Katie unfortunately anticipates the news of a hiker dying of heat related illness on the trails around this time every year. The worst part is that they are almost always totally preventable deaths. With the proper planning and preparation you can safely enjoy your favorite hiking trails, walks and bike rides. Katie always starts with going back to basics.

1. Get out and be done before the sun is up.
2. Drink not only plenty of water but also electrolytes.
3. Gatorade type drinks are not a great electrolyte.
4. Wear cooling cloths that protect against UV and the heat.
5. If you feel dizzy stop and find a cool place, preferably in the shade to sit.
6. Never go out alone.
7. Always leave a water bottle full of ice waiting for you in the car, it will be cool water by the time you return. That way if you do run low on water out on the trail you can start replenishing as soon as you get back to the parking lot. Many trailheads have no potable water.

If you experience any of the following seek medical attention immediately!
1. Cessation of sweating while still in the heat
2. Rapid onset of an intense headache
3. Shortness of breath
4. Muscle pain and cramping
5. Nausea or vomiting
6. Rapid heart rate

Heat stroke can effect people of all ages AND can have lasting effects. When in doubt remember that its always 74 degrees inside of Go Conquer Fitness!!