ENDURANCE: What other Choice is there?


By: Katie Stumbo B.S. Biology with a focus in Kinesiology, NASM CPT, NASM PES, NASM CNC


Every great success story starts with adversary. The harder the trial the stronger the story of triumph. The truth is we all have success stories. Think about it? Have you endured your entire life with out a setback, injury, financial hardship or loss? We have all endured. Sometimes it is thrust upon us unwelcome as in the case of a lost loved one and sometimes it is in the pursuit of something greater.

Many time we start with the best of intentions and all the motivation! We feel invincible and nothing will stop up! How often are all the best intentions of the day there in the morning! We are going to just conquer our day!  Get everything done, eat all the right things, not eat all the wrong things, work out, play with the kids. But 5:00 pm comes around and that glass of wine, mug of cold beer or cookies are staring at us? Where did all the motivation from the morning go?  It went out the window when that stressful meeting, missed lunch, exhaustion for the day came barreling down on us. All the sudden all the motivation in world cannot keep us on track when motivation isn’t paired with determination and a roadmap to endure through to the goal.

When the purpose to endure is in the pursuit of something greater the journey can be so much smoother and more enjoyable when determination and a proven roadmap is followed.  The very first step on any path is the first determine what work are you prepared to do in reach your goal?  To effect real change, it is imperative to take stock of what the new goal is, why is it important and what you are willing to change in order to achieve the goal. Any great accomplishment starts with sacrifice. That could look like less TV, Fewer happy hours or just a scheduled dedicated time every day/week in order to achieve the goal.

At Go Conquer Fitness we accomplish this using SMART goals. Without understanding where exactly you are going, how to get there and what to do when obstacles arise there is very little chance at arriving at the desired outcome. SMART goals become the road map that supports motivation and enhances dedication leading to the greatest levels of endurance towards something GREAT! When and where is your next great success story going to start?

At Go Conquer Fitness we use a variety of tools to make sure you endure to your goals! Katie has also recently added an additional tool to her already impressive tool bag! She has earned her National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach certification. So, in addition to being nationally certified personal trainer and Certified performance enhancement coach she can also educate you on science-based nutrition! After all biceps are made in the gym but abs are made in the kitchen! Click here to contact Katie and get started on your journey to wellness today!