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As a child, I was lazy, overweight and had little interest in exercise. My parents gave me the option, pick a sport to participate in, or we will pick one for you! After a few trials I chose swimming, and I loved it! I swam competitively from age nine all the way through high school. At that time I also participated in two forms of martial arts, Akido and Shinkindo. In high school, I decided that I wanted to attend the United States Air Force Academy. In order to boost my resume to the academy, I earned my pilots license before my 17th birthday. Slow and lazy Katie was gone forever.

All of my early plans and goals changed after I fractured my pelvis, and had a partial tear to my rotator. My college swimming dreams and my dreams of attending the Air Force were dead. I refocused and decided on a career as a Physical Therapist. I had to learn how to take care of my damaged body and continue to do the things that I Ioved. Almost immediately I earned my personal training certification and went to work. My college education got put on hold as I entered the workforce and married my high school sweetheart who was then in the Marine Corps.

I spent the early part of my career working for big box gyms and managing country club health clubs. In 2008, I launched my own business Katie’s Fitlife Bootcamps. I did that for six years and loved it. Meanwhile, I had two children and returned to school to finish my Bachelors of Biology with a focus in Pre-Physical Therapy. I graduated from Grand Canyon University, Cum Lauda, while working, raising our two daughters and attending school full time. It was hard but worth every minute!

After graduation, I decided it was time to rebrand myself as I was so much more than boot camps in the park now. I also do one-on-one personal training focusing on massive weight loss, injury prevention, pre and post joint replacement therapy, post-rehab, seniors to help them stay independent and age in place, and PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). That is why I created Go Conquer Fitness. At GCF I have created an atmosphere of fun, friendships, education, and comfort. All levels and abilities are welcome!