Endurance….Where to get it!

By: Katie Stumbo B.S. Biology with a focus in Kinesiology, NASM CPT, and NASM PES

I work with people every day and I see the full spectrum of people’s endurance. There are those totally committed, no matter what it takes, they just need to be shown the way. I also see those that struggle daily with the motivation it takes to get to the gym, and struggle even harder to be committed to the process outside of the gym. In these cases, the answer can be as simple as creating your “wellness tribe”. Surround yourself with people who have reached where you want to go!

I wonder often what is the difference? Why do some exhibit such an unwavering mental endurance while others struggle so hard to find it? Endurance is “the fact of power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situations without giving way.” Steeling oneself mentally to endure until the end. This is often the “magic” bullet that dictates whether a person is going to be successful in an endeavor or not.

In an environment where the constant messaging is to get things faster, easier, with less effort it becomes hard to develop a mental toughness to endure through any trials. “Life is pain princess and anyone that tells you differently is trying to sell you something.” – Dread Pirate Roberts. There comes a point where we all must decide what type of pain, what type of hard we want to endure? The pain of leg day or the pain of diabetic neuropathy. The pain of core day or the pain of not being able to lift your kids or grand kids. The pain of self-control in the kitchen or constant back ache from carrying additional abdominal weight. Life is hard but we can learn to be harder!  Now these are all pretty extreme examples but I see them every day.

What if you did not have to live in pain? “I figure life is a gift, and I don’t intend on wasting it.”- Jack Dawson.  All too often I start with a new client who has been experiencing pain for years. They have either gotten poor medical advice, just learned to deal with it or been at a loss as to how to proceed past the pain. Most do not even understand that they do not have to live in such pain.  What would it be worth to you to live life as if it were the gift that it truly is instead of merely just surviving the days? What would that be worth to you?

Mental endurance comes down to a decision that giving up is not an option! Take it from one of Go Conquer Fitness clients, “Katie and Go Conquer Fitness helped me out of a real slump after the Covid19 lock down. I had become depressed and gained a lot of weight. Katie’s workouts and coaching helped me reach my diet/weight goals and climb out of the slump in 5 months. If you are arguing with yourself about signing up, remember that you are worth fighting for. I highly recommend Katie; she can help you!”- Kerri B. Kerri Identified the problem and actively sought out the right solution for her and she is ROCKING her new physique and confidence.  Create an environment for your self to facilitate mental endurance. Surround yourself with the right positive environment and influences.