Katie is no stranger to pain

Hello Friends, You may wonder sometimes why I talk so much about pain, how to manage pain and how to avoid pain. What could Katie know about pain or managing it? Let me tell you about what I know about pain. Ill go top to bottom not chronological. Cervical spine- Years of aikido and shinkendo, break falling and rolling. The years of wear and tear on my cervical spin from martial arts alone is significant. Low siding a motorcycle…. More than once.. The contact points for wiping out on a motorcycle hits the cranium, neck, spine, hip and knees. A camping trip gone bad resulting in trauma to my jaw (trauma induced TMJ) and cervical spine. Shoulders- 12 years of competitive swimming. That alone will create pain and above average wear for shoulders. Additionally in my 12th year of swimming also sustained an 80% rotator tear injury. Opting for rehab instead of surgery I rehab it several times every single week to sustain the level of exercise that I do. Pelvic region- Broken Pelvis at 14 years old. In a freak accident I broke my pelvis. With careful rehab and care I healed again without surgery. My doctor told me I was making a mistake not getting surgery, and that by 19 I would have to have a complete hip replacement. 21 years later I have NOT had a hip replacement, have run 8 marathons, 14 half marathons and traversed the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim 9 times, in addition to many other adventures. Torn quadriceps muscles- In high school running track I tore both quadriceps muscles. Once again through careful care and diligent rehab I healed and avoided invasive procedures and surgery. Right knee- Contact injury to my right knee leaving me with a partial tear in my Popliteal tendon. Several significant ankle sprains- Due to my love for dynamic exercise and trail running, grade three and higher ankle sprains were inevitable. Luckily I have never had a complete syndesmoses (high ankle) sprain or worse. I rehab and care for my ankles each and every week so that every year they can carry me across the Grand Canyon and back. I deal with all of these chronic, significant injuries with exercise and prehab exercises every single day, week and month of the year since I started managing injuries when I was 14 years old. I may not know your specific injury but rest assured I understand pain, have studied years to understand your injuries and have a passion to help people manage the ravages of life without pills or surgery. What lengths would you go to to be able to play with your kids, grandkids, or great grandkids unimpeded? All of the above is why I am so passionate about providing training that addresses your injuries and pain. I am supposed to be a walking disaster, riddled with pain and limitations. I am supposed to have a steel hip, surgical shoulder, neck and knee….. I have yet to feel the touch of a scalpel, and live most days in less pain than most. For those of you that have already needed to have surgery, I have extensive experience and knowledge in post-surgical care. I have worked with clients that have had hip, knee and shoulder replacements. Also clients who have had ruptured discs and even cervical spinal fusions. Contact me to schedule a meeting about your pain issues and what I can do to help mitigate and resolve them.