By: Katie Stumbo B.S. with a focus in Pre-PT, NASM CPT, NASM PES

Guest Author: Stacey Benesch-Siekman, Author, Movement Coach & Inspiring Teacher

I love life’s little surprises!  A few weeks ago I decided to do something I had not done in over 18 months. I ran the mountain behind my house. It was a rare treat to be out on my own with my thoughts some rocking music and time to process the last 2 years if i’m being honest. As fortune would have it I ran into one very special person! Stacey, my swim coach from when I was 10 years old! It was a wonderful meeting and short visit that has sparked a new friendship. I would like you to know her like I do! She is one accomplished and powerful Lady!

She is an experienced Owner, Published Author, Certified Life and Movement Coach, and Founder of the Intentional Movement and Coaching Series: H.I.T. Excellence and the Intentional and Functional Core Training Programs: “t” Training® and Tiny “t” Training®. These combined with her competitive athletic background, along with 30+ years of coaching/teaching experience, working as a licensed massage therapist for 17 years, and her extensive fitness and nutritional knowledge, provides her an incredible abundance of wisdom, knowledge, and experience in training individuals to strive for excellence within themselves, reaching their ultimate potential.

below I hope you enjoy her inspiration coming into the new year as much as I did!

Many of us have heard these words; but only a few of us actually know what they mean and how important it is to implement all three.    

a starting point, the perfect and most accurate place to begin.  No matter what “race” we are facing, these three words call us to the starting line.  For some, this line might be the start of an athletic race or competition, but for others, it could be the call to a new starting point after a major transition or life-altering event—ex. divorce, loss of job, loss of a loved one, tragic accident.  Our lives are filled with many “races” and how we approach the starting line matters and will directly impact the way we move.  

an intentional movement, the perfect position that prepares, secures, and is ready to move.  These two words are essential to the “race” that is ahead of us. They allow us to experience BEING in the perfect position, that precise moment of connection to our own internal energy, power and strength.  No matter what “race” we are getting set for, BEING needs to be at the center of all DOING.  

It is time to MOVE! This word is loud and it screams NOW, leaving no time to think, adjust, or hesitate.  Ready or not, the only thing to do is GO! How do these words apply to you and the way you approach the “races” in your life?   Many of us move from “On Your Mark” to “GO” (or immediately move straight to “GO”).  When you haphazardly approach the starting line and GO, without implementing the most important step, “GET SET”, you will find yourself ill prepared and powerless to face the multitude of “races” in your life. This type of approach is unintentional and will leave you feeling physically and mentally defeated and emotionally drained.    As you can see, the “Get Set” part isn’t just necessary, it is essential to the way you will move and/or perform in life.  These two words represent the very core of our Being, a connected and balanced body on the inside. Once set, the individual/body is ready to move.   Let’s GO CONQUER 2020 in a powerful new way: On your Mark: BE BOLD in your approach Get Set:  BE INTENTIONAL with your placement and position GO!  BE POWERFUL & STRONG when you move