PNF- Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

PNF- Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

What is that? Do I really need that if I can't even spell it?

PNF is very cool to say the least! It
is the absolutely best benefits of yoga and massage combined to induce a rapid
improvement in range of motion and flexibility, reduces soreness, inflammation
and releases the fascia. It is a form of facilitated stretching in which you
increase flexibility, and facilitate muscle waste elimination. PNF has been
widely used in rehabilitation centers and in athletics and now it is becoming
more and more available to every one!  I
have been personally using it on my clients including the baby boomer
generation for almost 15 years with amazing results!

PNF is high-risk, high rewards so it is essential that you are performing PNF with a professional that has been trained in the area of PNF. Essentially you are tricking your muscles into believing they are in a relaxed state when they are in fact in a stretched state. Having your muscles believing they are relaxed allows you to increase the range of motion of the stretch without hurting the tendons and ligaments and make quick gains in flexibility. If you’re suffering from back pain, hip pain, bursitis, limited range of motion, neck and/or shoulder pain, slow recovery from your workouts and want to improve your body’s functionality or compete better, try PNF! Check back often to see how PNF has benefited many of my clients!

Yours in Better Health,

Katie Stumbo

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