By: Katie Stumbo B.S. Biology with a focus in Kinesiology, NASM CPT, and NASM PES


? Are you finding this hard? Difficulty staying put, taking a sudden step out of every normal activity in your life, retreating from all social functions and just every day life?

? YEAH! Me too! I am missing my regular routine, my routine that I have carefully crafted and guard against all distractions. My routine that has kept me sane as a mom, a business owner, a wife and all the other hats I wear.

?? Much like rope our lives are woven and intertwined with others. The twisting and braiding of the individual strands into a singular, gives the rope tensile and flexible strength. It can withstand incredible pressure and forces, all while being able to stretch with the changing circumstances.

?? There has never been a better time to add more strands to your rope, increasing it’s strength and resilience. GCF is here to strengthen your rope by supporting you, encouraging you and uplifting you in this time.❤️ As a result of COVID-19 restrictions all gyms have been closed, including mine. However to bring some sense of normalcy and to burn off that quarantine boredom (and snacks) I’m offering Zoom based group fitness classes to get you moving and burning off the boredom/frustration/wine! For a full list of our Zoom based classes you can email me at or visit

Yours in better health❤️