Jenny Werner-Massingale

Escrow Officer
Katie has kept me “moving “ and fit for years! Best fitness trainer around. No hype just hard work! Thank you Katie!

Julia Drake

Short workout that still kicked my butt and a good PNF by Katie. Wish I lived closer!

Shawna Eishcens

Naturalpathic physician
Katie knows the body and how to help it function injury free. It is a pleasure to know her and be able to refer to someone I trust and respect. Than you for helping many learn about their body and live without pain in their strong body.

Barbara Forde

Katie is a superlative trainer. She works with you at your own fitness level, no matter the number of people in her boot camp. She does interval training that is strenuous but needed! Her class is NEVER the same, she uses creativity to mix it up and keep things interesting. Katie is supportive but pushes you to new levels. I would recommend her to anyone and in fact have, to many friends.

Kyle Kiser

Financial Advisor
Katie's whole operation and ability to train clients is first class!

J.D. Wyczalek

founder of AZCollegePlanning.com
Katie's energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her willing desire to help shines through in how she develops individualized training for those with special needs. She developed a plan specific for my needs and abilities, as I had knee surgery a while ago.

Karen Yacovone Gonzales

Katie has been training my mother for over a year now. My mother is a Physical Therapist by trade and is very critical of trainers. Katie is educated, patient, and inspirational. My mother has had amazing results under Katie's care. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to incorporate fitness into their life.

Allyson McCullough

Licensed Massage Therapist
Katie Stumbo is amazing. Well read and well versed, she is capable of creating workout routines that both benefit and empower you. She will push you, certainly, and ask nothing beyond what you are truly capable of performing. Her dietary skills and advice are pragmatic and merciful when necessary. Just ask anyone who has received her advice over the holidays: "Just try and maintain your weight for now...You can lose it after the Holidays are over." I have enjoyed being the recipient of her efforts, her support and her friendship, and look forward to working with her again after the Holidays.


I spent 12 weeks in boot camp with my fiance before our wedding in order to tone up and get ready for the big day! I got so much more out of it than I bargained for, boot camp changed my body AND my attitude! Katie gave me the opportunity to have more confidence and more enegy than I have had for a long time, and I had fun at the same time! Boot camp is a way to change your current work out routine to get out of a rut, and learn new and creative ways to exercise. Katie takes the time to talk to each person about eating habits and she genuinely cares about teaching people living a healthy lifestyle, and live a FIT LIFE!!!

Cleta Sweeney

Nothing better than Katie's regiment. Kept me out of surgery and pain free for 2 decades. I travel 100 miles to work with her!

Robyn R.

Katie is a great instructor. I exercise a lot and have been bored with my other routines so having Katie keep me in shape for the last year and not ever being bored has been fun. Its always a great environment, we work hard, occasionally sing and I have improved my shape, my fitness and my strength. I would recommend her for any level of fitness


I wanted to thank you for praying for Joel's back. It was pretty painful for him last week so I asked Katie to come over to our house to show him some stretches. She was absolutely wonderful! She was so helpful--the stretches she showed us have made a significant improvement on the pain, and the peppermint oil helped too. I would recommend Katie to anyone!

Tracy W

Also, I want to thank you for your great class. I LOVE IT!!! I try not to have expectations when I go into things, but had I had an expectation about your class, it would have be FAR exceeded I am a huge believer in the mind, body, spirit connection and after just 2 classes, I am already starting to feel stronger and more confident in all areas of my life. Thank you for making a difference in my life and so many others!

Alta Westfall

My BootCamp with Katie has definitely improved my physical strength, muscle tone and endurance. I'm looking forward to running the P.F. Chang 1/2 Marathon this year to experience how the boot camps have helped my endurance. Katie's program makes workout time something I look forward to. I'm always amazed at how quickly the hour goes by while pushing my body beyond what I think I'm capable. Not only the fitness part of her camp proves beneficial but the emotional benefits are evident. If I have had a particularly trying day, my evening bootcamp ends the day on a positive note, something which in many ways has more value than the physical rewards. Katie's varied activities, though grueling, are also fun and affect several levels of the body's physical needs. I can't wait to get started on my next session .

Sue D

Katie does great job at breaking down the instructions so I know what to do, Katie really keeps up to date with latest info and I feel like I'm getting current best approach to what I need.

Jennifer Trent-Dunn

Katie does an exceptional job working with her clients! She is incredibly knowledgeable and each workout is catered specifically to her clients and their goals. From working out to nutrition she is amazing.

Sonya Bladow-Kiser

Go Conquer Fitness is such a fun gym! I go to a group class two times a week and the workouts are always keeping me on my toes. After training a few months with Katie, I started having friends tell me how great I looked and wanted to know what I was doing. Katie always has me feeling just a little sore and the workouts have toned up my whole body. I recommend Katie to all my friends and family, it will take lbs off and add energy to your life!!


There is so much more at Go Conquer Fitness than personal training! Katie's background in biology is an added bonus!! Her knowledge of the body, how to work around injuries and life-long ailments is nothing short of amazing. I'm nearly 100% healed from an injury I suffered a year ago, after only 6 months of consistently working with Katie. She's also a guru in PNF stretch therapy and nutrition. And, if she doesn't have what you need, she knows someone who does. Go Conquer Fitness is a one-stop-shop, thank you Katie!!!