The Downside to Wearable’s


Wearables, smart watches, pedometers or whatever other name they have been given are so fun, and can provide a lot of insight for fitness and health professionals. They track your steps, your heart rate, sleeping pattern, and daily caloric burn. Depending on the level of product you buy they are capable of tracking a wide variety of stats. It is a great way to discover your daily patterns, and in areas you may not even realize. For instance I learned that my heart races and I don’t sleep well after having dairy with dinner, so no more dairy in the evening and my sleep patterns greatly improved. Or my resting heart rate in the morning is always the same but today I woke up and its elevated 6-8 beats above the normal number I know I maybe getting sick or over training. That would be a good day for me to do more yoga and give my body a little break and boosting my prophylactic vitamins like Sambuca.


It is also so fun and satisfying to have that mini celebration every time you hit your target step count for the day.   The rings closing, the vibration and celebration dance, the dancing trophy! Looking forward to those little celebrations is fun! I know I get a kick out of it when my watch tells me I’m doing a good job. It is great on the days I spend more time than I like on the computer and sitting to have my watch remind me to get up and move for a few minutes.


The benefits of such technology are extensive and it is exciting to see how this can and will also change the health industry. With all that being said, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. The first pit fall is drastically altering your stride to accommodate your smart watch. Do you swing your smart watch arm more than you swing your other arm? This may seem small, however over months and years this can become a problem. Don’t change your ergonomics for the sake of artificially getting your step count in. Most of these devices will not track your steps when you are pushing a grocery cart, carrying anything in your arms or holding hands with someone. It may sound silly but I have know more than one person that has stopped holding hands with their kids for the sake of counting steps on these watches, started ordering grocery’s to be delivered because the steps don’t count when you push a cart. Just because the watch doesn’t record it doesn’t make them worthless, its still movement and walking. Don’t let these devices get in the way of your life and modify your good habits for the sake of the watch.


In the interest of wellness and fitness 10,000 slow random steps throughout the day will not do much for you. 10,000 is a fairly arbitrary number to begin with it is so dependent on intensity, age, and body fat content to name only a few of the factors that will determine if 10,000 is appropriate for you. For a lot of us, especially those that have some baseline of fitness there are much more efficient things to do than just moving when your watch tells you to. For instance for that personal with a moderate baseline in fitness standing up and super setting 30 mountain climbers with 15 squats ( or jump squats for the more advanced person) will do more for boosting your metabolism, burning calories, reducing the stress of being to sedentary at work ect than just merely moving the bar on a smart watch. If a superset like this is not appropriate for you give Katie at Go Conquer Fitness to have her help you with a program design that fits into your life! Make sure to follow Go Conquer Fitness on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for workout tips, healthy recipes and inspiration.

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